Provoking thought to inspire positive change.


Assist student in their development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Prepare students to consider context or incorporate different perspectives to evaluate their thoughts or actions.


Explores the complexity of local-global connections, views, values, and assumptions to understand multiple perspectives.

Critical Thinking by Design

We provide a rich learning experience to learners of all ages. We often hear that educators and managers struggle to find critical thinking resources that can be used with students and staff at all ages and learning levels. unlearn has created a tool designed for every learner. This resource was developed to help to educators and managers create a path to identity and eliminate discriminatory practices and ensure that students and staff are given an opportunity to see themselves and their colleagues reflected in their learning, empowering everybody to have transformational dialogue about equity and human rights.

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At unlearn, we believe that every organization has the right to work towards humanity and support a social cause. 

What our Learners Say:

unlearn. provides EVERYONE an entry point wherever they are in discovering their own bias, their own prejudice, and creating school community focused on equity and human rights."
Merril Mathews
Former Principal, Irma Coulson Public School, HDSB
We've used the unlearn poster packs and apparel at every elementary and secondary school in our district to spark inquiry and raise critical consciousness among educators and learners(...) I would strongly recommend unlearn to any educator in a K-12, post secondary or adult learning context".
Denise Cole
Equity and Inclusion IRT, SCDSB
unlearn. images promote critical thinking, prompt deep , meaningful, focused discussion, help to build a supportive, accepting community and create a forum for making important thinking visible. With no "wrong answer" there are no barriers to inhibit participation. Because each person has a unique perspective and life experience, unlearn images are universally relevant".
Susan Fowler
Grade 8 Teacher, WRDSB
I used the unlearn posters as rich tools to approach challenging topics. Students gain confidence as critical thinkers as everyone is able to enter the conversation, making comments and connection to the content in the poster designs.  I will continue to use unlearn posters to promote critical thought and encourage my students to see the world through multiple lenses and perspectives".
Shannon Morgan
Grade 2 Teacher, Irma Coulson Public School, HDSB

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Our team

Meet Our Team

Abhi Ahluwalia
Founder & Facilitator
Abhi is the recipient of the Lincoln M. Alexander Award and the Anne and Ed Mirvish Achievement Award which recognizes individuals that have made a significant and innovative contribution towards eliminating racial prejudice and discrimination in our society.
Lakhdeep Singh Dhaliwal
VP of Equity Education
Lakhdeep has a passion for serving in the field of Human Rights, Equity & Diversity. A teacher with elementary school and college level instruction experience; Lakhdeep has worked with YMCA Canada, Halton Multicultural Council, Mosaic Institute, Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
Carine Clemente
VP of Operations
Equity and inclusion are central themes in Carine's life. During her career as an Environmental Engineer in companies such as Bosch, Unilever and Siemens, Carine was responsible for the implementation of management systems, stakeholder relations and team management.


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