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Imbedding Self-awareness & Goal-setting In Education

In Imbedding Self-awareness & Goal-setting In Education, educators will learn about the importance of teaching students how to set goals and the relationship between achieving goals and believing in oneself. By emphasizing the importance of goal-setting and integrating essential concepts such as self-awareness, bravery, and celebrating wins, educators can create an environment that nurtures students' self-belief and fosters their personal growth and achievements. Ideas explored in this class include the link between belief-in-self and goal-setting, encouraging bravery in pursuing goals, integrating goal-setting throughout the school day, nurturing progress, understanding failure, and collaboration with parents. 

Course Lessons

Patrick Jones - Course author

Stacey Montgomery

Stacey Montgomery is an author and social emotional learning innovator. She has a mission of helping students understand their value so that they will take brave action towards their goals and make a positive impact in the community.

Through her work, Stacey has written a series of guided journals that encourage students to self-reflect and help them grow in confidence. Her workshops, held at elementary schools, for youth groups, and within after-school programs, are a testament to her commitment to supporting the social, emotional, and academic success of youth.

When not teaching students, Stacey finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Whether it's reading, traveling, or cooking, Stacey embraces life with an unwavering zest and grateful heart.

As a devoted mother and wife, Stacey draws inspiration from her son's resilient spirit, and her husband's sense of humor is a daily reminder of the beauty in the simple aspects of life. With degrees from Columbia University and Boston University, Stacey's journey started on the east coast. Her current home is Aurora, Illinois.