Curriculum Connections -
Elementary Schools (PP5)

In this resource, we demonstrate how the designs from Poster Pack 5 can be used to address cross-curricular expectations from Kindergarten to Grade 8 through mini-lessons. Each poster in this pack was assessed considering the following:

- The age of the learners and their developmental stage
- The curriculum expectations which match dialogue that the posters suggest
- The needs of the classroom community including both educators and learners
This resource intentionally builds on learner strengths and knowledge. In the younger grades, 2 posters were selected and mini-lessons were built with direct questions and guiding concepts. This resource reflects the learners’ growth as they move through the grades, introducing more detailed lessons with additional resources as students progress though primary, junior and intermediate grades, moving from 2 posters to 3 in the junior grades, and 3 posters for grades 7 and 4 for grade 8.

Course Lessons