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Lesson Packet - Invisible Disabilities

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Five lesson plans with accessible activities that can be used right away created by educators for educators.
Curriculum connections for a wide range of grades.
Connected to EDID and the Ontario Equity Action Plan
Lessons for sometimes challenging topics that can be trusted.

Course Lessons

Sarrah Beemer


Hi! I’m Sarrah Beemer and my pronouns are: she/her/hers! I am passionate about teaching and I can't imagine being in any other profession.  

With over 16.5 years as an educator, I am currently a K-12 Curriculum Leader focusing on Accessibility and Ableism. Previous to this, I worked at a rural high school teaching English and Indigenous Studies.  
Patrick Jones - Course author
I'm an avid traveler and enjoy spending time with my husband, my teenage son and the rest of my family. I also enjoy the fun and excitement our two dogs: Rogue and Alice, bring to our home. I love being active and I'm an eager reader. I have a life long passion for leading educational change and I'm so excited to share this learning experience with you. I focus on integrating inclusivity into the curriculum, by utilizing my background by incorporating diverse perspectives. Much of my classroom experience was influenced by time spent as the department head of Special Education. I believe that the holistic wellness of each student is integral to learning and a life well-lived. And for that reason, I also support student mental health with my social work training and model a healthy lifestyle, fostering a love of fitness, yoga, and meditation training for my own wellness.  

I have lived experience with a hearing impairment and most people do not even see my invisible disability! Being diagnosed with a hearing impairment, I have become more consciously aware of the lack of awareness others have of invisible disabilities. As you will learn in this course, there are many different types of disabilities. Some are visual and some are invisible. This course will focus on invisible disabilities.