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Lesson Packet - 2SLGBTQIA+ Belonging (K-3)

Course Description

Five lesson plans with accessible activities that can be used right away created by educators for educators.
Curriculum connections for a wide range of grades.
Connected to EDID and the Ontario Equity Action Plan
Lessons for sometimes challenging topics that can be trusted.

Lesson Plans

Tara-Lee Markides Deighan

Tara-Lee Markides Deighan first developed her love of teaching as an elementary school ESL teacher in Tulle, France.
In 2006, she started teaching in Ontario and developed her passion for equity during her 15 years of teaching locally developed/essential and applied/college-level English students. Here she fought against the disadvantages experienced by her students through systemic racism and ableism. She strove to help students succeed in a system not designed for them. Her greatest accomplishment was developing a reading program that enabled struggling readers to develop their reading skills fully. 
She transitioned to teaching at her board's alternative school, where she taught English, Guidance, Social Science and Canadian World Issues in a program for expelled students. She is currently facilitating the independent registrar program, where she designs individualized interdisciplinary courses for students who cannot attend school daily or during school hours. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
Throughout her career, Tara-Lee has demonstrated a passion for teaching by sharing her expertise and supporting teachers. She has done this by mentoring student teachers from various teacher's colleges and hosting teachers from other countries. Her work with teachers led to her winning the teacher of the year award in 2017. She continues her supportive efforts as a member of the Teacher Education Advisory Council for Niagara University College of Education.

Tara-Lee has also developed numerous teacher resources for her board and provided school & board-level professional development. 

You can learn more about her pedagogical journey via: