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Educator Toolkit

The educator toolkit is an introductory course to diversity, equity, inclusion, and decolonization in the classroom. This program offers big concepts in bite size chunks, while supporting the development of an educators knowledge and skills that can be used in the classroom setting.

The four key modules of the program include:
  • Content in the Classroom
  • Language
  • Use of Voice
  • Anti-Oppressive Practices

As an educator, it is critical to better understand our perspective and what narrative we are portraying in our classroom. Throughout this program, you will be encouraged to reflect on your own practice and plan for a more equitable future.
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Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Janelle Abela

Janelle Abela, PhD(s), is a Afro- Indo- Caribbean cishet woman who utilizes her privilege and experiences to fortify changes in education and training. As an educator, Janelle works to nurture the value of diversity by expanding content and current approaches in education and training. Janelle is committed to developing realistic means of change and supporting progressive education, for all. Janelle's research focuses on identity development and well-being for marginalized groups. "I think that the key to change is love and genuine care for each other as we work towards creating a better future that everyone benefits from." If she isn't behind a book, Janelle can be found exploring nature with her partner and their dog or trying a new recipe.
Patrick Jones - Course author